ISPO Group : Building future together


ISPO GROUP is a specialist in the advice and the resolution of your problems connected in the various sectors of industry, building, transport and automotive. We try hard to propose you innovative solutions at a lower cost to help you in the realization of your projects.

Products are available Under the brand ISPO or in private labelling.


Automotive et transport

ISPO GROUP has for objective to be with you as supplier and partner by proposing you its solutions for the development of automotive and transport sectors. Our concern is to provide you with our experience and our skills to optimize the general performances of vehicles in the various stages of its production. Our wide range of products allows us to cover all the needs for this market.

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ISPO GROUP strong of its experience in the sector, delivers in the manufacturing industries its numerous and varied solutions which can cover their needs. Always in search of innovations, we try to propose the best professional solutions to our customers by always respecting the specifications.

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Building industry

ISPO GROUP proposes to the building industry a complete and very vast range of products and systems to help you to work as quickly as possible, better and at lower cost. Our concern is to bring you the best advice and the best products to answer in a precise way your needs and your problems of construction.

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