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ISPO group


Jean-Luc Mendler, grand-son of Emile Mendler, founder of the company EMFI left the company in 2012 following its purchase by the 3M Group.

With 30 years of experiences in trading and manufacturing of adhesives, he decided to create a new company dedicated to this activity along with his children, Thomas and Carine.

Jean-Luc, along with Jean-Michel Griesemer (former collaborator of EMFI) founded ISPO France in 2014. Today, ISPO France, including its subsidiaries based in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and the United States, now comprises ISPO Group.

Our values

Client service
Our primary focus is to maintain the highest level of quality of our products and meet the demands of our customers. ISPO Group is continually looking to expand its product portfolio so that each customer can fin the solution.
Power of Innovation
Our expertise in the adhesives and sealants industry as well as our relantionships with suppliers allows ISPO Group to be always informed about the latest developments in order to offer new technological advancements to our customers.
Future Commitments
ISPO Group aims to create with its clients sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships. The long-term strategy of ISPO Group allow its development in compliance with the new social and evironmental standards. It is for this reason that we offer a wide variety of products without solvents, isocyanates, silicones. Additionnally, they are all PVC-free.